Small companies

Small companies have often great ideas and ambition. Basically, you drive innovation. However, it is difficult in today’s market to make it happen due the lack of available and affordable software developers. We here at Offshore Software Solutions understand those challenges and because of this we setup teams which can especially fill your needs.

Our “small companies” teams understand the need for fast and flexible development. They are familiar with terms like “POC, the proof of concept” and have a good understanding of what is important or not. Our teams are able to transform your idea into tangible solutions.

We deliver every 2 weeks software to you so you can test and provide feedback. This is possible because we adopted fully the agile way of working.

What do we offer you?

We have a staff trained the agile way of working. We support many different technologies like IOS, Android, php, Mongodb, HTML and many more. We are able to provide you an end2end solution and can work closely with you. All those services come from our Small Companies teams where innovation, modern technology but as well the end2end mindset are important.

How it work?

Fill in our contact form and we will contact you via phone, app, skype or whatever way suites you. This is a free of charge conversation where we can explain our way of working and answer all your questions.