Problems We Solve

Software development is a process that is composed of several sub-tasks and sub-processes. There are problems associated with software development, such as selection of development methodology, design issues, maintenance problems, changes in the source code, etc. We are a professional organization that places its customers at the highest priority at all times. We provide solutions to all of the software development challenges and requirements for our customers. Our primary aim is to provide our customers with innovative solutions and services in accordance with their expectations and requirements. We provide answers and resolution to many of our customer demands and queries.

Technical Solutions

The main aim of all of our clients is to have a competitive edge in the market.  Our clients come with technical requirements and specifications and we cater to their needs. We have the professionals skilled on the emerging technologies and concepts, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality, E-Commerce Solutions, Cloud Computing services & models, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Machine Learning, Virtual Reality (VR), and many more. We offer web services and solutions by carrying out mobile and web application design & development activities. Data management and information security are the two primary concerns for the clients with the increase in the use of the data and information sets. We have the database engineers and experts trained on the popular database management packages as Oracle RDBMS, Microsoft SQL Service, MySQL Server, IBM DB2, Teradata, SAP Sybase ASE, and ADABAS. We also specialize in NoSQL databases, such as MongoDB, CouchDB, and Cassandra.

Budget Problems

We provide our customers with cost-effective solutions along with a detailed budget analysis for the respective projects. Determination of resource cost rates, cost of quality, reserve cost details, and bottom-up estimation of the project costs is provided by us to our customers. The cost break-up and the detailed cost-benefit analysis enable our clients to understand the cost distribution and usage. We also use earned value analysis as the technique to determine the cost variance at all the project stages to avoid the issue of cost overrun. The technical infrastructure is maintained by us to meet the requirements of the clients. We also use adequate open-source tools to bring down the initial cost of investment for the clients.

Capacity Problems

The majority of our resources are from India and the availability of the resources is not an issue for us. We make sure that the resources are deployed at the organization with varying skill sets so that they may be utilized for different project activities. We also carry out resource analysis and discussions before allocating them the project tasks. We have the strategy to deal with the issues of resource absence and a drop in productivity. Our organization has a massive resource base to fill in for their peers and colleagues if the need be.

Knowledge Problems

Professional development and growth are one of the principles that we adhere to. We provide our professionals with regular training and skill development opportunities to enhance their technical knowledge and experience. We work on the emerging and innovative technologies for our customers and continue to strengthen our skill sets. We have made it mandatory for our employees to record 250 hours of training annually. Our team specializes in supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms along with semi-supervised and reinforced learning algorithms. Our professionals use ARKit, Vuforia, ARLab, Wikitude, EasyAR, Maxst, Kudan, and XZIMG as some of the AR tools. Collaboration efficiency and business continuity are improved through hybrid cloud models, Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud, Platform as a Service (PaaS) cloud, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud, and private cloud models.

We are equipped with the Big Data tools, such as Apache Hadoop, Apache Storm, HPCC, Qubole Data, Statwing, Casandra, CouchDB, Pentaho, Cloudera, and Flink. The tools that we use to build AI programs include Caffe,, TensorFlow, Mahout, and OpenNN. The programmers engaged with OSS have knowledge and skills on the modern programming languages covering PHP, Python, HTML5, Ruby, Objective C, Adobe Flash Lite, and Java, JavaScript, and C #. PhoneGap, Ionic Framework, Sencha Touch 2, React Native, JQuery Mobile, Abode Air, and Kendo UI are some other frameworks available with us for hybrid application development.

Timeframe Issues

Agile methodology for software development is the primary methodology that we follow to provide the products and solution in a quick turnaround time. The selection of these methodologies is based on the project type and specific project requirements; however, we prefer adaptive methodology over the sequential and predictive approaches. This is because the agile methods are based on continuous improvement, allow for changes, focus on customer expectations, and provide flexible products. The customers are provided with working solutions at a gap of 3 to 4 weeks.

We value the time of our customers and carry out analysis techniques to determine schedule variance at regular intervals. We have risk management and handling processes in place to deal with the issues of schedule overrun in a timely manner to meet the deadlines. We also develop a change management plan to handle the changes in specifications and requirements without delaying the project deliveries.