Orange Value

Orange Value – The Offshore Software Development Rules Pursued By Us

You may be wondering how we handle offshore software development aims for our clients who outsource to us. Offshore Software Solutions is a popular and trusted company when it comes to the software, database as well as web outsources development industry. We have a team of dedicated and highly qualified professionals who aim to pursue the best methods to support your ambition and business goals.

In order to support our client, we setup a set of values that set the culture of our organization. This helps developers and clients in getting the best results for joined software development aims. We follow an agile mindset in our functions.

What Is Agile Mindset?

Before proceeding you should know “what is an agile mindset”. This is regarded as a set of attitudes that supports an agile type of working environment.

When it comes to these they encompass respect, collaboration, improvement plus learning cycles, pride within ownership, focusing upon delivering value, along with the ability to properly adapt to change. We follow the orange value set of values.

strong>Orange Value Principles Pursued By Our Team

Being a professional outsource Development Company, our team adheres to strong principles:

  • Transparency: We aim to have an environment that is transparent. In order to enhance efficiency, tasks get simplified amongst team members. We feel that it is important for clients to know what is going on in their project. Therefore, we have a close relationship with them.
  • Customer Satisfaction: In our outsource Software Solutions projects, we concentrate completely on satisfying the customer according to their requirements.
  • Open Culture: We propagate an open culture. Here, everyone has the freedom to be themselves.
  • Team Work: We function as teams. We know that every person can grow.
  • Feedback: We favor continuous feedback when it comes to our products, performance along with the process. This helps us improve in all areas of our company.

How We Function Using Orange Value?

At Offshore Software Solutions, we follow the orange value approach.

Our team works briefly cyclically after a few weeks and produces working software (so-called sprint). Our way of work comprises of its own agile coaches. They will be in contact with you and with the development team as well. We are always involved in improving processes, getting rid of waste, enhancing communication, resulting in predictable service.

This will help you out. Functioning with individuals, teams, or even distance impacts your process. Therefore there is a “product owner” role in your organization. The customer should pick up this role. Therefore someone within your organization will complete this role.

Why Offshore Software Solutions Orange Value Is Helpful For You

Offshore Software Solutions orange value is an effective Outsource. It aims to provide customers with their requirements and with no errors. Below are some benefits that our orange value provides:

  • Customer Value: Our agile coaches are in close contact with clients so that clients know everything which is going on.
  • Predictable Service: We aim to improve all processes, reduce waste, enhance communication, to provide predictable service.
  • Total Customer Satisfaction: Our orange value approach guarantees total customer satisfaction due to the active communication among the developers as well as customers.

Contact Us To Develop Outsource Development Solutions

When you want to develop an Software, website, or mobile app for your business consider Offshore Software Solutions as a reliable partner. We want to help you in the best way possible. Our orange value experts will give you the solutions you require.