Our Software Teams

Offshore Software Solutions (OSS) is committed to delivering the best software solutions to its clients and it is possible only because of our highly experienced and dedicated team. As part of our methodology instead of the traditional team building system at OSS, we engage in Agile team development principles. Agile development methodology changing of scenario and market is embraced and accepted fully; hence it gives us the competitive edge in the market to sustain ourselves better than others. Additionally, it gives us the ability to adapt to the changes and provide better services and software solutions to our clients. In Agile development, while importance is given to adapting to the changes and other variables in the market, but the key driving force in this method is relying on people. As a team, it is important that we have the right people with a correct and positive mindset and attitude because personal attitudes facilitate in embracing changes and creating a great team.

Our OSS software team is built on the core values of accountability, team interaction, customer collaboration and responsive to change. These factors not only influence the decisions made by the individuals but also these aspects determine how the team performs. Since each person’s attributes have the ability to complement or damage the team for us it had been essential that we can build a team that shares the same vision and instead of ‘I’ it is ‘we’.

Our Software Team Values

As a software team we value and ensure that these following values are observed when we function:

  • Have Self-drive
  • Be Innovative
  • Have an Open Mind
  • Be Accountable
  • Have a Positive Attitude
  • Be Collaborative
  • Keen onnew learnings
  • Supportive
  • Be Respectful
  • Open to critique

While all these principles align with the Agile methodology we also ensure that we avoid insecurity, fear of failure, selfish and uncompromising attitude, resistant to change, reluctance to share, vanity and monotonous thinking pattern when developing software and handling clients.

Why Teamwork is Important for Us?

In today’s software development market the team does not only function with developers rather they work in close contact with product managers, designers, marketers, and operation and sales teams. To work effectively each team has to collaborate with each other to ensure that the product receives its required status and market and satisfies the client.

o work effectively as a team it is important that certain things are taken into consideration:

  • Positivity: Individuals members of the team following the above principles ensure that a cohesive, conducive and a supportive environment is created. This impacts directly on the mood of the individuals and keeps negative emotions at bay. Positivity not only brightens the mood but improves team dynamics and eventually the smooth creation and development of the software.
  • Opinion & be Respectful: Freedom to voice opinions in a respectful manner is important for our team since we are aware that coalescing and motivating different people from different cultures can be a challenge. To avoid the pitfall of miscommunication certain codes are followed to ensure there is proper co-ordination and varying perspectives can be put forth without the fear of being negated. The option to voice opinions freely in a respectful manner enables us to brainstorm about developing any software freely. Since we are aware anyone can come up with good and innovative ideas and eventually it will benefit our clients as well as OSS.
  • Management & decisions:The management plays a huge role in shaping a team and how it operates. At OSS all the teams have autonomy to function with the knowledge that they are part of OSS. There are constructiveness and cohesion in the decision-making process. The software team functions exceptionally well along with other teams in OSS because we have the leadership with a right balance of guidance, empowerment, support, and control. This is possible because of the scrum masters.
  • Valuing the client: We understand that our main focus is to satisfy our clients. Hence the software team takes the client’s vision and direction for a project to develop the product. We are in constant touch with the client and seek their supportive involvement. These not only let us know the exact specification and requirement of the client for the product but also enable us to establish a relationship with them. For us, clients form a part of our team as a detached customer can often impact the morale of the team negatively.

Our Team

Our agile team development enables us to build a strong software development team. As a result, we can ensure the best and competent offshore solution, with the highest quality product that is cost effective and establishes an ongoing partnership with our clients.  This is possible because we understand the demand and the changes that software market is going through all the time and we can adapt to those changes without sacrificing our service because of the efficient team that we have.