GDPR & Security

GDPR & Security- The Most Advanced And Appropriate Approach Pursued By Us

Offshore Software Solutions is regarded as a trusted and professional company concerned with software along with web development. We have a team of developers who are passionate and also qualified. One area where the development team focuses includes GDPR & Security. This aids us in being able to effectively protect clients’ personal information.

GDPR is regarded as a directive that has been established particularly by the European Union. This has been done to keep people’s’ personal information safe and protected. It helps companies keep their information secure as certain initiatives need to be undertaken to safeguard data. Our developers understand that personal data is a very important part of software development and therefore help clients with this area.

What is GDPR?

Let us begin by explaining what actually GDPR is. The GDPR tends to be a regulation which replaces the Data Protection Directive or DPD of 1995 imposed by the EU.

GDPR sets minimum lawful standards, that organizations that benefit from data (i.e. “controllers.” under GDPR), as well as companies processing upon their behalf (GDPR “processors”), should adhere to. They should adhere to this at the time that they process personally identifiable data specifically of EU Member State citizens (or GDPR “data subjects”).

The aim of GDPR tends to be to enhance protection of, control over, moreover transparency of personal data.

Offshore Software Solutions GDPR & Security Aims That Our Team Adheres To

Being a professional and prestigious outsource software development company that focuses on GDPR & Security, our team follows advanced principles:

  • Interaction: Our developers always are in touch with the clients whilst the project is occurring. They interact by sharing all information so that the clients GDPR & Security requirements are completely fulfilled.
  • Transparency: It is our aim to have a transparent environment that is friendly as well. In order to enhance efficiency, tasks get simplified amongst all team members. We also work in a close relationship with clients so that they always know what is happening on their project.
  • Client’s Importance: Our team is involved in learning all about the company and also in the domain knowledge concerned with the company. Our main focus is delivering what the company desires when it comes to GDPR & Security initiatives.
  • Reliable Partner: Trust us to be a reliable partner that gives clients a high end customer experience.

Some Popular GDPR & Security Governing Principles That We Use

At Offshore Software Solutions we understand the strict governing principles behind GDPR & Security. We know that organizations need to build data protection safeguards particularly into their products, services plus processes. This needs to occur from the quickest stage of development.

There are some principles that are defined by the regulation which govern the ways that companies can collect, store, along with process personal data. Software developers like us need to remember these:

  • Lawfulness, Fairness, Plus Transparency: We know that GDPR needs processing of personal data so as to be lawful and even fair. The communication concerned with processing personal data needs to be transparent, accessible along with easy to comprehend by that individual whose data is getting processed. It needs to have the reasons the data is getting processed. The identity of the precise controllers needs to be present.
  • Purpose: Any personal data should only get collected for specified, legitimate reasons.
  • Only Data Required: Personal data needs to be limited to that which is relevant and required for the reason it is getting processed.
  • Accuracy: Reasonable steps need to be taken to make sure that personal data is up-to-date.
  • Storage: The storage of personal data needs to remain at a minimum. When it is no longer required for processing then it needs to be erased. Time frames need to be established by the entity that is collecting the data. These should state when it is necessary to delete it.
  • Integrity: Personal data should be processed only when no other means are present. It should occur in a way that guarantees security as well as confidentiality.

Why Offshore Software Solutions Can Help You

Offshore Software Solutions has developers who can devise strategies, policies, and even procedures concerned with data protection, transparency, plus subject control. Below are some benefits that our GDPR & Security approach provides:

  • Customer Satisfaction: Our GDPR & Security approach aims to provide complete customer satisfaction. This occurs due to the active communication present amongst developers and clients.
  • Strong Principles: Our team has thoroughly researched the requirements of GDPR & Security and follow these completely.
  • Cost Effective: We do not want to waste your money and provide cost effective GDPR & Security solutions that clients can rely upon.

Contact Us To Develop GDPR & Security Initiatives

When you need to focus on the GDPR & Security initiatives of your company, contact us immediately. Discuss your requirements with us. Our GDPR & Security experts will give you the most appropriate solutions for your needs.