Our Development Flow

If you are interested to find out about how we handle development flow, then you are at the right place. Below is some information on the way we work.

Offshore Software Solutions is one trusted and reputable name in the software as well as web development industry. We have a team comprised of qualified developers who always work to their best potential in developing the latest initiatives. An area where our team focuses on includes Development Flow. Our aim is to follow the agile way when it comes to development but we do this with control in DTAP (Automated deployment, fast and reliable).

When it comes to development, we follow the agile method. Nevertheless, we have controls in DTAP (Development, Testing, Acceptance, and Production). Our team understands the interaction present between apps and systems. Through the scrum method, we work on the DTAP flow or process.

What Are DTAP?

If you are not sure what DTAP is, we will begin by explaining it. This expresses a phased approach particularly of software testing as well as deployment. We believe in automated deployment that is fast and reliable.

A typical flow works with keeping development, testing, acceptation and production in mind. Sometimes education or training, backup or disaster recovery, and integration are also added.

Scrum is regarded as an agile framework present for managing knowledge work. It has an emphasis upon software development. In this framework individuals can address some complex adaptive problems, whilst productively as well as creatively delivering products that are of high value.

Offshore Software Solutions Principles Followed By Our Team

Being a prestigious outsource software development business, we have some strong principles.

Cooperation: Our developers aim to always work closely with clients throughout the complete project. They intermingle together sharing all details of the project so that Development Flow can occur without any hitches.

Clients Significance: The development process we have tend to be completely user-centered. Therefore the Development Flow procedure is done to fulfill the clients’ needs. It is the clients’ aims that are taken into account first when our developers update their Development Flow when needed.

Transparent Environment: We regard a transparent environment as being one where efficiency can be increased. A friendly working environment is one that you will encounter when working with us. We believe that tasks need to be simplified so that the best Development Flow initiative can be put in place.

Successful DTAP Flow We Follow

Clients tend to have different demands when it comes to software development as well as management project. We aim to adhere to all the requirements of the client.

The four letters present in DTAP denote the below common steps:

Development: The program or component gets developed upon a Development system. When it comes to this development environment, it may possess no testing capabilities.

Test: At the time that the developer believes it is ready, then the product gets copied particularly to a Test environment. This is done to verify if it works like expected. This test environment tends to be supposedly standardized moreover in close alignment specifically with the target environment.

Acceptance: When the test turns out to be successful, then the product gets copied to an Acceptance type of test environment. When the Acceptance test is occurring, the customer tests the product within this environment so as to verify if it adheres to their expectations.

Production: When the customer will accept the product then it gets deployed to the Production environment. It is then made available to every user of the system.

A DTAP street is the set of environments employed for a DTAP cycle. The set of environments may be smaller or even larger. This depends upon the demands required of the project. Some example of other steps include:

Education: This extension specifically of the DTAP-street tends to be a training environment specifically for users that are present of the production environment.

Backup: When it comes to the Backup site, this is utilized for Disaster recovery.

How Offshore Software Solutions Can Help You Out

Offshore Software Solutions Development Flow process is regarded as being fast and even reliable. Our team takes the interaction between apps plus systems as being important. We have a DTAP approach that has a deep testing framework. We follow an Agile development flow process.

If you want to work with a company that provides an agile way when it comes to development, but having controls in DTAP then you have come to the correct place. Below are some benefits the Development Flow process we provide offers:

Customer Approval: Our Development Flow ensures total customer satisfaction. This is due to the active communication that we have amongst our clients and developers.

Quick Delivery: With the Development Flow approach that we have, you will get automated deployment that is fast and reliable.

Cost Effective: Our Development Flow approach will not empty your pockets.

Customer Significance: Our team invests in the knowledge of the company and also in the domain knowledge of the concerned company.

Reliable: We are reliable in giving high end customer experience.

Reach Out To Us For Your Development Flow Aims

If you want to focus on the Development Flow of your company then contact us as soon as possible. Discuss your agile Development Flow aims with us and we will provide you with what you require. We pursue the agile way in development having controls in DTAP (Automated deployment, fast and reliable).