Medium scale compaies

Many Midsize companies have a Hugh challenge to keep up to date whit their IT staff. Technology develops fast and new technology are changing rapidly. Beside this the competition is fast and keep up to speed with those Developments comes often with Hugh costs. That is why many midsize companies looking for a hybrid model of working. Take the lead in your own companies but let it support by software development companies which
are specialized in develop software and keep their knowledge up to date. Offshore Software Solutions is such company who can deliver those services for a low cost.

What we offer

Our teams are highly skilled people with as specialty software development. Our staff speaks fluent English and is capable to adopt fast new companies and their existing systems. The staff is highly trained in the Agile Way of Working and capable to support end2end solutions and many different technologies.

How we can cooperate

  • Fully depending where our clients looking for, but in general a midsize company starts with a small team of software developers and those are being trained in the way of working and systems of our client.
  • Communication is general via a system like skype or other.
  • In the agile way of working we deliver every 2 weeks software and we provide demo of what we did.