Big Companies

The Big challenge of Big Size Companies is: –

  • Awareness (way of working, knowledge etc)
  • Capacity
  • and Budget.

We internal know this as the ABC formula. In order to add value to big size company clients we provide a high skilled sustainable team with enough capacity for an interesting budget.

Outsourcing software development for big companies can be often a challenging process.That is why we direct add a so called “transformation manager” this person is your direct contact person to answer your questions and help your organization in the transformation period. Because outsourcing bring challenge as well in your internal organization. This manager is a experienced agile way of working “coach” who has experience in those transformations at the location of the client.

What we offer

  • We offer an agile way of working team who speaks fluent English and is capable to align with your staff.
  • We bring in experienced transformation managers who help and guide you during the transformation process