Although there are advantages to native applications, a well-made cross-platform mobile app make a huge difference and carry a lot more advantage to users by giving them access to their products on more than one platform.

At Offshore Software Solutions, we deliver apps for multi-performance by writing code once and making it work on various other platforms i.e., iOS, Android, and Windows mobile platform. With more than a decade of experience, Our team has proved its excellence in writing compact and clean codes on web technologies (CSS3, JS, ANGULAR, HTML5, C#, etc.). We build beautiful hybrid apps with enhanced performance and develops required protocol stack such as RTP, HTTP, SOAP, XML, REST etc.

With our huge experience of developing various cross-platform mobile apps for a wide range of mobile devices and platforms, Offshore Software Solutions offers cross-platform application development services where apps are built by writing the code once and runs on multiple mobile platforms, which helps clients to get an app developed in lesser cost and time-frame.

Offshore Software Solutions Advantage:

  • Hand-picked and highly experienced team.
  • Honesty.
  • 100% Transparency.
  • No Outsourcing, all gems in-house.
  • Excellent coding standards with Rails testing scenarios.
  • Not just programming but excellent UX architecture too.
  • Experienced mobile app interface designers.
  • Experienced mobile app developers.
  • Coding Guidelines and Standards.
  • Using the most up-to-date and emerging technology.

Latest Cross Platform App Development Frameworks and Tools

  • PWA
  • MAG+

Cross-platform apps make you more number of users no matter the location, income or device type. Most of these tools let you focus on what matters the most: delighting your users. We understand market requirements and designs the right mobile strategy for your business. Our knowledge and experience in the cross-platform mobile app development combine in-depth research of different business verticals, ensuring the right implementation path for customer success.

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