Gezellig Koken

Gezellig Koken is a web portal that we have developed that allows the users to register in the cooking courses and sessions. These cooking courses are provided for corporate outings, family gatherings, and on an individual basis as well. The portal that we have developed allows the users to browse through the various categories of these courses and view the associated details of each. A calendar is also included to inform the users about the upcoming sessions. The course details, such as the duration of the course, availability, price, and maximum capacity is stated for every course. The users can register in these courses and make use of the integrated payment options to confirm their bookings. The development model that we used to create the Gezellig Koken portal is Agile Model for Software Development. We work in accordance with the latest mechanisms and trends in the industry. Agile models are gradually replacing the traditional software development lifecycle models as the agile methods offer better scalability, customer engagement, flexibility, and quality of the application. We use Agile Scrum as the methodology to develop the portal and the customers were involved throughout the project lifecycle. It enabled us to achieve continuous improvement and enhanced quality of the application.

Special Features

  • Express User Interface
  • Secure Payment Gateway

Technologies Used