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Looking for a portal infrastructure from one backend with low cost and high security? FitzMe is the answer to all of these requirements. FitzMe Portal is the vitality portal that we have developed in the form of a website. The web application analyses the fitness and lifestyle preferences of the users and provides them with the articles and information on fitness. The purpose of the website is to enhance the health consciousness among the users to increase their fitness and energy levels. The articles that get populated on the website make the users aware about the healthier practices that they shall adapt to remain fit.

Tools & Language

The website is a single page website with multi-user support. We have used Angular 6 as the front-end for the site. Angular 6 is the latest version of Angular platform that makes it easier to develop web applications. The platform provides an amalgamation of end-to-end tooling, declarative templates, and integrated best practices & standards to meet the development goals. For the back-end, we have used WordPress and its plug-ins.

The website is PHP-based. We selected PHP as the programming language as it is platform independent, extendible, and comes with low development and maintenance costs.

Software Development Lifecycle Model

The software development model that we used in the project is the Agile Model for Software Development. The agile model follows an iterative development approach and includes testing & feedback throughout the product lifecycle.

We used agile as the development model as it ensured better product quality and customer satisfaction levels. The continuous integration and testing activities allowed us to deliver a bug-free application to our clients. The website was developed in small, incremental, and rapid cycles to provide the customers with working products at a gap of 2 to 4 weeks. It kept our clients engaged during the entire project timeline. Also, we could understand the client expectations better by receiving their feedback and comments on the working sets of the product. We could induce continuous improvement in the project by making easy changes as per customer expectations.

The agile model also offered a better change control & management process which would have been difficult in the traditional development models.

Testing Types

Unit testing was conducted on the website by the team of developers to validate the website functionality. It was conducted in parallel with the development work to resolve the errors in a timely manner. The project was conducted using the agile model, and, therefore, the entire work was split into a series of sprints.

We made sure that testing was a mandatory activity during every sprint and the development team and the team of testers carried out the system and integration testing on the website. The different modules of the site were tested separately and as a whole. There were several defects that were initially identified and were rapidly resolved by the developers. Regression testing was then done to make sure that the resolved defect did not impact the other website functionalities.

We, at Offshore Software Solutions, understand that functional and non-functional requirements have equal priority in web applications. The FitzMe Portal that we have designed comprises of the system qualities as reliability, usability, performance, security, availability, portability, scalability, and maintainability. The verification and validation of these qualities were done by our team by conducting the performance, security, and usability testing. The security tools and controls on the website were checked and validated against the information security standards and best practices.

The customers and the end-users were also kept involved in the project throughout the lifecycle. The users were asked to carry out user acceptance testing and the improvements in the website were made as per the user comments.

Application Functionality

The website has a login and register functionality for its users. The users that already have an account on the site can log in to the website while the new users can register themselves using the register option. The content displayed on the website is regulated by the information selected and browsed by the user. At the time of user registration, the website enquires the users about their fitness levels, lifestyle preferences, and health signs. The articles on the site are populated as per the choices and preferences of the user. For instance, if the user has difficulty in sleeping, then the articles related to insomnia and its treatment will appear. Similarly, if the user is found to be obese or overweight then the website will show the articles on weight management and reduction.

There is global and local content developed for the site. The global content is displayed to all the users on the site. The website is a single page site with multi-user support. The local content varies from one company to the other. When a company collaborates with FitzMe Portal, then the company gets the ability to add its own articles on the website as local content. The end-users of the company get the benefit of accessing the global as well as the local content.

The three primary modules on the website are Eat, Mind, and Mood. The user choices and preferences are majorly analysed in these three areas and the content is displayed accordingly. The eating habits, recommendations, and preferences are involved in the Eat Module. The sleep patterns, lifestyle choices, and preferences are involved in the Mind module. Energy, workout, and overall fitness are involved in the Mind module on the website.

Private Labelling is one of the features on the website. As per this feature, every company gets to witness the same basic structure of the site. However, the specific elements associated with the company are customized. For instance, the name of the company, the logo of the company, and likewise are customized as per the company. The overall visual appeal of the site is enhanced as a result.

The website follows responsive web design and also has enhanced user interactivity. Error pop-ups are included in the site that allows the user to share the details of the error that they may have witnessed with the development team. The suggestion box is also included on the site to provide the users with the ability to give their comments and feedback on the site.

The users can also search for specific articles or information using the search functionality.

From the security point of view, we have also included Single Sign on (SSO) on the portal. It is a session and user authentication service that assists in monitoring multiple user accounts. Live chat integration is also enabled on the portal to allow the users to have resolution to their queries on a real-time basis. The users can put across their requirements through this option. The portal is currently being used by 100000+ users and the chat integration option assists the users by providing them with the ability to effectively utilize the portal features and functionalities.

Use of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the technology that involves the development of intelligent software codes, systems, and machines that require minimal or no human intervention to perform their tasks. The AI elements are used in the registration and user analysis functionalities.

When the user registers on the site, the articles matching with the information provided by the user appear on the screen. The browsing history and the time spent by the user on every article is recorded and stored in the website’s database. The automated analysis of these details is made to revise the content on the site. For instance, the user might be a chain smoker at the time of the registration on the site. The population of the article at that point in time would have been around hazards of tobacco use, ways to quit smoking, and likewise. However, with the passage of time, the user might have succeeded in quitting smoking and the interests might have shifted to healthier practices. The articles on the website would also change as per the change in the user preferences and choices.

AI is an emerging technology and we have integrated the use of the same in the website to offer our customers with the up-to-date technology.

GDPR Compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679 is a European standard for data protection and privacy. It is mandatory for all European companies to adhere to the law and the non-compliance may result in legal obligations and punishments.

FitzMe Portal maintains GDPR compliance and ensures information security and privacy. We are aware of the malicious practices that the attackers may use to violate the information properties, such as confidentiality, integrity, and availability. The website has the security controls and measures to avoid the information security risks and maintains compliance with the GDPR norms.

User Interface

The website follows a simple layout to provide the users with the ease of usage and understanding of the site. The login and register options are displayed on the top-right corner of the site and are easily visible.

Home Page of FitzMe Portal

The default articles are then shown beneath these options. The user can browse through the content and access the particular article of his/her choice.

Articles on the Website

When the user opens an article, every article has a title that summarizes the details present in the article. Also, the date of uploading the article and the average time required to read the article is displayed under the title. The content of the article appears thereafter.

Article on the Website

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