January 28, 2019 5:10 am

Concretingshop.com is an e-commerce company founded in 2018 and headquartered in Portugal. We provide online procurement services to purchase all kinds of building materials under one roof and deal directly with the manufacturers to make the products available for reasonable prices.

Concreting shop help customers to discover the widest collection in different categories like – Cement, TMT Steel bars, Sand, Bricks & Blocks, Electrical products, Wooden products, Tiles, Bathroom Accessories, Paints & Finishes, Hardware & Fixture products, Lighting products, Granites, and much more. One can select all these products from the well-known brands.

Concreting Shop business model follows unique procedures to bring transparency in pricing and maintain in-time payment transactions to all suppliers irrespective of the customer payments.

Concreting Shop is also into construction services, which provides all types of solutions needed for the construction from the beginning to end. We take care of everything that includes Planning & Designing, Raw materials, Plumbing works,  and what not for constructing any structure and we assure everything plans according to your budget level. You can opt for individual services also. Constructing any project is a difficult task to handle but choosing our services keeps it simple and completes it smoothly without any hurdles.

Concretingshop.com offer the best prices and secure payment gateway and the products available in our portal are Genuine as we only deal with Manufacturer of the Brands. We have successfully completed 1000+ orders from 400+ customers, who are very satisfied with our services and 100+ vendors, who are very happy to be a part of Concretingshop.com. Our company has gained its trust by many professional builders and contractors for procurement which become easier with our instant online payment methods. We can also offer credit plans for purchasing material in which you can pay the amount in installments.

Concreting shop have a passionate and determined group of professionals who are dedicated to creating an excellent buying experience for you by leveraging the best of technology and excellent customer service.

Our motive is to provide high-quality materials and maintain a healthy & satisfied relationship with our customers and clients.

Features of concreting shop

  • Concreting shop cut supply chain – thereby reducing the cost by more than 30% in many products.
  • Transparency – Suppose you are the owner and you want to make sure your contractor is not cheating you, make him buy all his products from us. We will send you the invoice directly.
  • We buy in bulk and cater to a larger size of mid-ranged buyers and so we get the materials at lowest rates possible.
  • Hassle free and the builder can concentrate on his construction instead of worrying about material delivery.
  • We have experts on our team whom the builder can talk to over the phone before buying any material and after sales.
  • For a startup it’s branding is very important and thus start-ups try their level best to deliver the best quality products and services.
  • Breaking the barriers of demographics (when its e-commerce, this one is obvious isn’t it?)
  • ONE STOP SOLUTION!! – What more can you ask for? We have more than 22000 products listed on the website – from an elevator (lift) to sand, you name it you get it.

All you need is the ConcretingShop.com website which would deliver all that you need with just a single click and at the same time, getting the cheapest and value for money products without even going to the vendors!

Building/Renovating home is time consuming process and need lots of planning on which materials to buy and from where. Online building material marketplace provide a platform for customers to make their purchase easy, informed and saves cost too.

What are advantages of ordering building material online?

  • Convenience: You can shop any time and from anywhere.
  • Best Price: It offers price comparison and product comparison so that you can make a better choice.
  • Time Saving: The customer does not need to visit numerous shops personally to check the available brands and products.
  • Expert Advice: You can talk to experts/sales executive to know more about the product and get their advice for the same.
  • Get Samples at doorstep: One can get samples of bricks/tiles etc at their door step which the customer can check personally before making a purchase.
  • See Reviews about a product: The customer can check what other people are buying and read reviews about a product which help them to make a better decision.

In all the user gets a fantastic shopping experience by saving money, time and gets a high quality product delivery at this doorstep. All at one click.

Concretingshop.com is online marketplace for construction materials.

Challenges faced by the development team:

  • Less Time: The client did not have enough time but Offshore is known for quality without any compromise. So, we set a team of our best developers to make the website on time and launched it in the market.
  • Shortage of experienced vendors: Finding a suitable vendor was a challenge and our prior experience in handling similar projects led to our subsequent association with the client.


Technical features of Concretingshop.com

  • com is for B2B and B2C both platforms.
  • Dashboard for buyers to post projects and contact information
  • Dashboard for makers to interact with prospective buyers and share their portfolio
  • Administrative dashboard to generate admin reports and provide other admin capabilities
  • Integration with social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Solid infrastructure that includes caching of static content and storing of images and other binary data in a separate server to increase performance
  • Hosted on powerful servers with intelligent load balancing capabilities and multiple switchover to increase system availability
  • Intuitive and attractive UI, which substantially improved user engagement

Tools and Technologies

  • Programming Language PHP
  • Framework Cake
  • Client side jQuery
  • Database MySQL
  • Web Server Apache
  • Web Services AWS
  • Tool Used GIT


We strictly followed agile methodology throughout the project development. Below point are glimpse about how we do it:

  • Development team stands up the project and begins developing its framework. The first phase include the install, creation of the database, dropping in the ecommerce module, and/or creating the skeletal framework of the site pages.
  • Regular Follow ups under agile methodology speed up the process of project development.
  • ecommerce journey can never be over, running an online business have similar journey just like a physical retail store which you have to keep running, keep making changes; and every time, you have to get more profit than the last season. Domain knowledge and tactics have to be effectively converted and applied on storefronts. For this, a business needs an efficient implementer team which works closely with them.
  • Plan by feature” is using the list from the second activity to produce the development plan.
  • “Design by feature” is a design package made from the third activity.
  • “Build by feature” is the task that generated the completed client-valued function state.


  • eCommerce Web & Enterprise Portals
  • Verticals
  • Retail, Wholesale
  • Business Benefits
    • Performance improvements and enhanced user experience brought in more traffic from both buyers and makers.
    • Registration of makers increased several fold forcing the client to suspend the registration process.
    • Several security issues were resolved after Admin console management privileges were streamlined.
    • Users easily find the required item as the user interface is interactive and pass the information keeping the interest of user.
    • User feedback helps to improve the website with time.
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