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Offshore Software Outsourcing

Our offer

Offshore Software Solutions specializes in software development teams remotely. Your outsource problem we solve with you jointly. Obviously there are many facets involved in outsourcing issues, we as Offshore Software Solutions have to deal daily with this issue. We know the possibilities but certainly the risks. We provide not only your quality software development teams on distance but also coaching in your change process.

We want our love to differentiate by delivering quality. Quality is not just right software for us but communication issues. You should feel as though we are neighbors. This implies directly that we attach great importance to communicate optimally and therefore have the means. We need to look through the "eyes of the customer" when it comes to your experiences.

Offshore Software Solutions can do this. Our teams in our own office equipped with modern means such as webcam, good Internet connections to speak fluent English.Obviously there is also Dutch support as needed. Anyways each project starts with an intake by our consultants in the Netherlands. Which have extensive experience in guiding clients, especially in the initial phase.