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The Specialists in Software Development through the offshore &outsourcing approach

Orange value

Within Offshore Software Solutions, we follow the "Orange value". The organge value is a set of values ​​that we want to radiate as a company and respect. We believe there is much that our value Offshore Software Solutions will continue in our mission.

  • We always work transparent.
  • Customer satisfaction is for Offshore Software Solutions and its employees is very important.
  • We strive after an open culture where each must be himself.
  • We work in teams because we believe that each individual can grow.
  • We value continuous feedback on our products, our performance and our process.

Our method is based on Scrum. We work briefly cyclically every few weeks and deliver working software. Offshore Software Solutions has its own agile coaches who both are in close contact with you as with the development team. We are continuously held by improving processes, eliminating waste, improving communication with the result "Predictable service". Qualitative software so. This means something for you. Working with individuals or teams or distance has an impact on your own process. Thus, in the process of scrum included a "product owner" role. This role must be picked up at the side of the customer. This means that someone in your organization will fill this role.Consider also the (functional) testing. In short, also mixtures will be on your side. Expected. We would like to explain it.