How Devops Tools Helps In Accelerating Software Delivery

How Devops Tools Helps In Accelerating Software Delivery

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First lets get familiar with the term “DevOps”. The word “DevOps” is combination of two terms : “Development” and “Operations”. It represents the type of Agile relationship between development and IT operations. DevOps help to ensure that there is better and improved communication between the two business entities. In other words we can even say that it unifies Software Development and Software Operations together in better way to complete the development process with desirable results.

Aim :

As mentioned earlier that DevOps improve the quality of communication between the two units. It also contributes in many more factors that result in faster delivery of the product. Let us put some light on few among them.

agile software development process

DevOps Aims at:

  • Shorter development cycles
  • Increased deployment frequency
  • More dependable releases in close alignment with business objectives.
  • To strongly advocate automationand monitoring at all steps of software development process.

Now let us get it clear that in what way DevOps tools contribute in faster software product delivery. The above points clear the main aim of DevOps. Now we shall discuss about the DevOps tools and their contribution in accelerating software delivery.

DevOps tools support the collaboration between “Development” and “Operations”. As “Necessity is the Mother of invention”, increasing success of Agile method of software development led to the birth of DevOps Tools, which ultimately made  companies to deliver their products at faster pace. For instance, Jenkins (DevOps tool) helps in continuous integration and facilitating technical aspects of continuous delivery.

One of them is Puppet, it also accelerates the delivery. With Puppet you can manage your entire infrastructure as code and even there is no need to increase the size of the team. Puppet automates repetitive tasks and saves time. Moreover, it reuses resources across different Platforms.

Continuous delivery and DevOps are often mistaken as same. Though they are related but when looking into deep they are different concepts. DevOps is a broad concept. DevOps can be a product of continuous delivery, and CD streams directly into DevOps.

As we all know that Development process is not a single phase process, there are number of phases or stages associated with the whole development cycle. So in the same way there is not a single DevOps tool that contributes to the faster delivery there is basically the chain of tools that in collaboration make it possible.

In past the software development process was completely depended upon the previous phase to finish so that the next could begin but now agile has turned out the entire process. It has turned up with the faster delivery by making the companies work in sprints.

DevOps tools related to coding phase are code merging, source code management tools. In same way tools related to build phase are continuous integration tool whereas continuous testing tools provides the result over business risks. In the same way all the tool chain together make it possible to deliver the software product faster.

For a developer all this is like dream come true. All these tools and techniques not only deliver the product faster but also save developers time. Who would not like to save their time do and something productive in that time, so is the case of developers they tend to utilize their time by engaging in more projects.

As today everyone wants to achieve they wish for in possible less time. Likewise every company wants to launch their product as soon as possible and gain profit. With the help of these DevOps tools not only developers benefit but also the clients receive their product before the schedule time.

Today’s DevOps and Agile-focused enterprises are endeavoring for fast changes and quick deployments. DevOps architecture is a boon to all these companies. Organizations can facilitate smaller development teams with more objectivity and agility, resulting the business being more in tune with their changing demands. At Offshoresoftwaresolutions, we ensure that effective DevOps are implemented by the right set of software development specialists.


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