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Trends That Will Shape Mobile Development in 2018 and Beyond

February 12, 2018 10:03 am Published by mobile-app-development

Mobile application development is one of the most trending development processes in the market today. The years may end but the development of these applications keep swiftly growing with the never ending demand among the users. Each day you may find variety of new applications with some innovative ideas to deal with. If we go according to the statistics, it was reported in 2017 that around 197 billion applications were downloaded. With commence of 2018 there are several new ideas... View Article

Top Challenges Faced In IT Outsourcing Industry

August 9, 2017 6:11 pm Published by outsource comoany

Outsourcing emerged in the industrial revolution but has become a supportive and a full-fledged business strategy. Though outsourcing began with the manufacturing sector and now has paved its way to hospitality, banking, telecommunications and to a major extent in IT. The best part of outsourcing is that it focuses on core activities by passing on the additional work to other suppliers rather than completing it internally. This leads organizations towards considering outsourcing for its non core activities. Ralph Welborn, a... View Article

Productivity In Offshoring and Outsourcing

July 27, 2017 6:33 pm Published by

Outsourcing is defined as assignment of tasks and/or processes to an external outfit, whether an individual or another company. Offshoring is moving on of tasks to a company in another country. Concept: The concept of Outsourcing and offshoring is not new and has actually been around for a very long time. Present times can be coined as the outsourcing and offshoring age as more and more companies are becoming aware of this practice and are opting for it. Reported rise... View Article

Top Software Development Outsourcing Trends for 2017

May 30, 2017 7:20 pm Published by

2017 is becoming the new volatile year for outsourcing software development companies.  New software languages, libraries, platforms, frameworks and tools appear to pop up every day, resulting in an unstable surface which can provoke every software developer. As software technology plays an increasingly strange co-dependent role in business and our personal lives, what hope do we actually have of anticipating leanings and shifts in the future of outsourced development? Even if we could, would they be interesting, or depressing? Concentrating... View Article

Most Common Reasons Why Outsourcing Software Development Necessary

May 23, 2017 5:48 pm Published by

As the US economy drives towards globalization, several software companies are hard to get the chance to cut their cost, optimize efficiency and great customer service. If you are a company who wants to cut their costs then outsource software development is the best procedure that you must follow. Outsourcing software development has proven to be a great success for many companies worldwide. According to many IT Experts, startups & outsourced software development is a perfect match. If you have... View Article