Best Practices to Overcome Mobile App Usability Issues

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Mobile Application Usability:

The term usability can be described as the capability of the product to be understood, learned, operated, and ease of use to users and can be used by specified users in order to achieve certain goals with effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction.

In the rapid growth of the mobile devices the key factor that has contributed to its success is the usability of the applications. But mobile application usability is still a great challenge.

Issues related to the Mobile App Usability :

  • Some applications are not specifically designed for the androids. Android comes with an entirely unique set of programming,┬ádesign and user interface (UI) considerations.
  • On boarding process is not given proper consideration.
  • Architectural and navigation information is overlooked.
  • Checking out process is the great pain for the user as there are many formalities to be fulfilled.
  • The most common usability issue is the lack of real testing by the user. Most businesses overlook this issue arising when it comes to mobile apps.
  • Many applications consist of large numbers of steps to follow. Some requirements are of no use but still they exist in the application.

Some practices are to be carried out the usability issues that arise in the application. Practices to Overcome Mobile App Usability Issues are as follows:

1. Platforms play a very important role in functioning of any application. When coming to the most popular applications being used nowadays (ios and android) they both work on different platforms so while designing the application it should be taken into consideration.

2.The first impression is the last impression so in first encounter of the customers with the application during the onboarding phase, they should be made clear about the features and uniqueness possessed by your app so that they could turn back to you for the further proceedings.

3. App development teams develop important features, but can often overlook the organizing factor concerned with these features that is how they all will fit together in a systematic way. Instead of structural simplifications, there are n numbers of links and buttons that unnecessary complicate the process. So when user tries to use the application he should be able to get around with features so while developing the user interface should be given first preference.

4. The checking out processes should be simplified by making the logins and log outs easier. Instead of entering the same details again and again like the address, username the application should have simplified login procedures and easily accessible online purchases.

5. The companies should get the feedbacks not only from their teams but also from the outside users. Surveys are the best way to know about the user requirements and needs of the customers and their expectations from the applications being launched. Studies provide the correct data on how users browse and click within the app to identify the areas of interest and disinterest. All these can contribute to the real testing from the user point of view.

The number of steps required should be precise and less. Too many instructions and steps to get to the function can irritate the user and result in the poor user usability.

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