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The Specialists in Software Development through the offshore &outsourcing approach

What we develop

Offshore Software Solutions specializes in developing software across the entire chain. Our teams have a variaty of knowledge areas. Roughly the following knowledge areas are probably the most used.

  • App. Development for eg. Android and Apple.
  • Java, PHP, C ++ and other programming languages. For backend systems
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript, angular js and many other particular frontend applications / app's.
  • Databases such as MySQL, Mary, MongoDB Progress, and Oracle database platform, databases.
  • We often use cloud solutions like Amazon, Heroku hosting.

Of course we support the teams with modern techniques and processes. In our view, we need to automate as much of our own work. Think of automated testing and automated deployment. It goes without saying that we make use of quality elements such as version control, jira and other tools.

We have extensive experience in working with offshore teams. We worked for, among other things. Telegraph, ING, Tele2, Ahold, ANWB, Synfra, Brabant Water and many other companies. We offer a professional approach and professional teams. Like no other know the pitfalls of working remotely.